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Packing Tips

Sramas Removals  determined to ensure that your up and coming house move is as painless and stressfree as possible. We have compiled a handy list of packing tips to help you during your move.

Begin Packing Well in Advance

The earlier you make a start to your packing the better. Don’t subject yourself to unnecessary stress by  leaving everything to the last minute

Declutter as you go

Packing to move home gives you a great opportunity to discard those items that you dont use or need and have been gathering dust over the past years.

We recommend gathering unwanted items into 3 seperate areas during the packing process identified as follows:

  • Items to sell (on ebay, garage sale, car boot sale etc)
  • Items to donate to charity
  • Items to take to the local rubbish recycling centre.

Packing Boxes

Purchasing the appropriate moving boxes and other packing materials is an important part of moving home.

You will need a variety of box types to pack all your belongings properly.  Boxes also need to be sturdy and weatherproof enough to avoid mishaps.

    Ideally you will need the following types of boxes for your move:

    • Small, medium & large boxes.
    • Heavy duty boxes.
    • Wardrobe boxes. (for clothes)
    • Telescopic cardboard boxes. (for mirrors, artwork etc)
    • Plastic Boxes

    You will also need:

    • Packing tape.
    • Bubble wrap.
    • Plastic bags.
    • Old newspapers/ Crepe paper
    • Labels.
    • Markers.

    Another option is to book a packing service from us. Not only do we have different types of boxes suitable for all sorts of items, but we can also do all the packing professionally for you.

    Bear in mind that items packed by us are insured against damage and loss.

    Start with Rooms You Use Less Often

    Dont leave packing items in your attic, shed and garage until the last minute, many of the items in these areas (particularly your attic) are used less often (or not used at all!) so it makes sense to pack these first.  Seasonal items you’re currently not using can be packed before you handle anything else.(Christmas decorations, Garden tools & Machinery etc)

    Pack One Room at a Time

    We recommend that you pack your items one room at a time rather than by category as this will help you clearly identify into which room your items go when unpacking in your new home.

    We also recommend starting at the top of your house as early as possible and working your way down to save last a last minute frantic strain running up and down stairs and stressing you out.

    Don’t make your boxes too heavy!

    This is very important. Dont risk a back injury or your boxes not being able to withstand the weight when woving them. As a rule of thumb pack your light items in large boxes and your heavy items in small boxes.

    Pack spillable items in Plastic Bags

    Don’t risk any packed  liquid items accidently opening and causing damage during your move. We recomment that you fit any bottles containing liquids into plastic bags and ideally place them in plstic packing boxes. That way if they should accidently open during the move an spillage will be contained either withn the plastic bag or the box. 

    Roll Your Clothes

    Experienced travellers will tell you that rolling rather than folding your clothes when traveling is the best way to pack.  Its easier than folding your clothes, reduces the space that they take up and create less wrinkles.

    Store All of Your Valuables in One Place

    We recommend that  you pack all of your valuables together, make a detailed inventory list to ensure that you won’t forget or lose anything, and take photographs for insurance purposes. 

    Essential Items to pack separately

    Pack and transport these items yourself on moving day:

    • Important documents (passports,  birth & Marriage certificates.
    • Jewellery.
    • Any records containing bank account information.
    • Important Medication.
    • Phones, tablets, laptops and relevant chargers.
    • A change of clothes (For each member of your family)
    • Drinks, snacks and toys to keep kids amused.
    • Toolbox, Tape Measure & Flashlight.
    • Rubbish bags, Paper towels & Toilet paper.

    Helping you move into your new home

    Sramas Removals – The moving experts