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Moving Checklist

We’ve put together a moving house checklist, having moved many homes over the years we have probably seen it all when it comes down to what you need to do ensure your house move goes as smoothly as possible.

Use this checklist to ensure you have everything prepared for your move in plenty of time.

One Month before you move

  • Check your attic areas for items you may have forgotten about.
  • Create a list of your home’s inventory and which room it needs to be in.
  • Order packing cases and materials.
  • Start decluttering; it’s much easier to get rid of things you don’t need before you move.
  • Check Removals van access both your current & new home. Are there any parking restrictions at either address?
  • Get removals estimates and book your removal.
  • Contact the HMRC and change your address.
    • Your company may be able to do this for you so check with them first.
  • Plan where furniture will go and dispose of unwanted items.
  • Book the days needed off work.
  • Arrange a post redirection with the Royal Mail.
  • Start cleaning outside buildings, such as the shed and garden.
  • If you are renting, make sure you’ve given the appropriate notice to your landlord,
  • Start notifying your landline and internet providers about your change of address.

Two weeks before you move

  • Inform utility companies that you’re moving.
  • Register your new household with the local council.
  • Register to vote at your new address.
  • Inform TV licensing.
  • Begin packing non‐essential items.
  • Run down the freezer.
  • Arrange your phone number to be redirected (If possible).

One week before you move

  • Inform your finance and medical contacts about your change of address.
  • Ask your current council for a statement on your council tax.
  • Inform your car and household insurance companies that you are moving.
    • Find out if insurance is cheaper at new address.
  • Send out change of address cards to friends and family.
  • Arrange who will take care of pets and/or children during move.
  • If taking plants, transfer these into pots ready to move.

Two days Before you move

  • Defrost your freezer.
  • Disconnect dishwasher, Washing machine and Tumble drier.
  • Label where boxes and furniture should go in your new home.
  • Label items and keys for the new owner.
  • Make list of  essential information for new owners.
  • Prepare a box of moving day essentials.

Moving day

  • Strip the beds ready for moving.
  • Lay down sheets to protect floors (Check if removal company will provide this for you)
  • Last-minute cleaning of house before leaving.
  • Last minute check of your home before leaving. Check all drawers and cupboards in every room and in the garage.

    After moving

    • Pay stamp duty land tax.
    • Change locks.
    • Change any security codes.
    • Take meter readings, keep records and contact utility companies

    New Owners Essentials List

    • Identify how to find water Mains cut off tap.
    • Codes for Security Alarm.
    • If you have gate security – Access codes and any keys.
    • Contact details for utility companies.
    • Helpful list of local trades people.